Saturday, July 30, 2016

Songs and rhymes for a bilingual child from Jbrary

It has been around two years now that I am subscribed to a Youtube channel called Jbrary. They are two Canadian librarians that post very nice songs, rhymes and stories for babies and children. 

I am an English teacher in Spain, and I have always found many of their songs and rhymes very useful for my lessons. I especially like one called Five hungry ants. My 4 year old pupils loved it. We even made some antennas and coloured our noses in black and went around the classroom singing and marching as if we were the ants.
Now I find some of their songs very useful for my baby. As an English teacher I know lots of songs in English but I feel that they are made for older children (5 little monkeys, the wheels on the bus, Miss Polly had a dolly...) but my son is just four months old. As I am not a native speaker of English I have never learnt the kind of songs and rhymes that we sing to little babies and that is something I have been looking for even before I got pregnant and decided to start this bilingual experience
As my son is still a baby I talk to him without having an answer and songs and rhymes help me to interact with him and make him laugh.
Besides the Youtube videos that I watch and all the baby vocabulary that I need to learn, in the search of these songs I came up with Jbrary, their webpage and their Youtube channel
They have got many things, but here you can see two songs that I use with my baby that I got from their Youtube channel.
Traditional baby rhyme:
Nice song to use when changing the diaper:
I have also seen that one of them writes poems. I have sent the request of a poem about the love of a mother for her child, I will write here what she sends me!

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