Friday, August 12, 2016

Youtube channel with interesting American accent

As I wrote on the post Youtube videos for non-native bilingual parenting, it has been some months that I watch some Youtubers that post their daily lives. They are families that record what they do with their children, how they do their shopping, how they feel about certain things... I really think that it is a good way to improve our English and watch something fun.

The most important thing is to find the family that 'suits you best'. I have watched one or two videos on Youtube of some families and I don't know exactly why but I don't enjoy them as much as the ones that I told you on the post that I wrote about the Youtube channels that I enjoy the most.

Lately I have come up with another Youtube Channel that I like a lot: Cullen and Katie. They are a nice family that I enjoy watching because I find very interesting listening to them as they have got different accents:

-The dad has a very strong accent and he speaks quite fast. I don't know where he is from but to me he has a special way to speak that makes me pay more attention to what he says. Great to develop my listening.
-The mum is a very nice young woman, very caring with her children. I don't think she has any accent. I can understand her quite well. Although she speaks quite fast as well.
-Their daughter is almost two years old (but I am not sure). She is starting to speak and she says words and short sentences. As any baby that is starting to speak, sometimes we can't tell what she is saying but her parents do. I wish one day my son can speak like her!
-The baby: they have recently had a baby. He is so cute! Obviously he doesn't speak, he doesn't even cry. He is lovely.

Their videos are great to start better this experience, to check and improve my listening skills, to learn babies' vocabulary and how some parents talk to their children in English and last but not least, to spend some time watching something entertaining.

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