Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My new stroller Qbit+ and opinion

I think pushchairs are like colours, we can’t say that one is the best or one is awful. Each family has their needs and each one of us has likes and dislikes. And there is a stroller out there that is made for us.

I have just bought a new pushchair. My baby is 3 months and a half old and as we have started travelling a lot, we have come up with a disadvantage of having a small car, the trunk is too small to put the pushchair and the suitcases that we need.
When I bought my first stroller I knew it was going to take up the hole trunk, but as I was so excited to get it and enjoy all its features… From then, every time I went shopping I had to put the shopping bags all over the car. But the crucial moment has arrived now that we are starting travelling. We need more space. My husband has considered the idea of buying a new car, but I haven’t. I don’t think having just one child should be the only reason to change a car.
I was sure there were other options. So I started searching up for small buggies.
My needs were:
-Compact folding
-Fully reclining seat
-Vision of the baby
-Good basket
-Good hood
-Driving it with one hand
-Usable until three and a half years old.
And I found the Nano stroller by Mountain Buggy (I didn’t like the way to use the car seat but loved that the air can circulate inside), the Yoyo by Babyzen (I didn’t like the thin wheels but loved how small it is when folded) and the Qbit+ by gb (GoodBaby). They all have good and bad things but for me the winner was the Qbit+. It is super compact and super light. Great in stairs, steps and holes in the pavement. The folding and unfolding is incredibly simple and fast. My baby is comfortable in it. For now I use the reclined position and sometimes a semi-reclined position. I put it in the car and I still can’t believe the amount of space left.
It can be the very first buggy that you buy to your baby and use it from birth with the infant car seat or a light baby cocoon (if I have another baby in the future I will use the Qbit+ this way) or it can be your second pushchair (as it is right now for me) because you realize that you need more space in the trunk of your car to travel or to do the shopping.


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