Sunday, July 17, 2016

Scratching, swaddling and trimmering

The other day when I looked at my sons face I couldn't believe how he had his face. You could think this happened throughout the day, but it didn't. He did it in seconds! I guess one of his nails was pointed and when he scratched his face he did all that. My poor baby...
I knew the verb to scratch but I wanted to be sure if it was the right verb to use with babies and I have come up with other interesting verbs such as to swaddle and to trimmer. Here you can find a text talking about babies scratching their faces:

'Babies are born with nails that are thin and soft, but they are, however, capable of scratching. Scratches are an inevitable occurrence as babies touch their faces, both while they are awake and exploring and while they are asleep and moving their hands. In some cases, the scratching is exacerbated by eczema or dry skin. The best way to prevent scratching is to keep a baby's nails trimmed, but there are other precautions you can take. Swaddling will keep your baby from reaching his face with his nails...' (from

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