Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Youtube videos for non-native bilingual parenting

I still need to learn or check vocabulary about babies. This kind of vocab is hardly ever learnt by students of English as a foreign language. There are certain things that I don't know how to say, but most of the things that I look up are words or sentences that I have to check because I am not sure if they are said the way I would used them. I think I want to speak the best I can so my son doesn't learn many mistakes from me.
As I wrote in a previous post I am learning new specific vocabulary to speak to my son using the right words and pronunciation.One of the sources that I am using to do this is Youtube.
There are English speaking families that post videos on Youtube where they show their daily routines. It is very useful because we can listen how mummies and daddies talk to their children. The only con is that we need to watch the whole video to get just a few a words for babies or children. However we learn commonly used words and sentences and their pronunciation.
I don't have much time to watch this kind of videos, in fact, I feel that I don't have time!. Nevertheless I try to watch one vblog (video blog) per day, although there are days that I watch two or three and other days not a single one. They normally last 20 minutes which is good because you don't feel they are too long and at the same time it is enough time to see different moments in their daily lives. 
The channels that I enjoy the most so far are:
The videos that I am watching right now are posted by American families but I'm sure there are British, Australian, Canadian... families that do the same thing too. For now I am not being very careful with this aspect (British or American English) I guess I am using an 'International English'.
*You can also have a look at the book Mejora tu inglés y haz que tu hijo sea bilingüe by Pilar Vera, with conversations, vocabulary, songs and games that native English speakers use with their babies and children.

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