Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tips and information of pediatricians about pregnancy, babies and children

As I sometimes look up on the Internet information about things that my son is doing, or I am curious about those that might come soon, I find very interesting websites for parents.

It is great how these kind of websites are helping me to understand how my baby thrives and at the same time they are very useful to improve my English and learn specific vocabulary to talk to my son.

My 4 favorite websites about babies and children's issues and development so far are:

Web page where we can find symptoms that our children may have, their explanation, what cares we should take and in which cases we should go to the emergency room rapidly (made by the American Academy of Pediatrics):
Healthychildren website to look for an specific symptom 

Interesting information to read and learn about pregnancy, delivery, baby bathing, crying, colic, diapers, feeding, preemies (premature babies), teething, toddlers' nutrition, toilet training, puberty, school...

Another website with information about pregnancy and birth, babies, immunization, injury prevention, growth and development and babies' health and nutrition (made by the Canadian paediatric society):
Caringforkids website to look for more information

Spanish association of pediatric emergencies where we can find information for parents regarding different issues that our children may have and what we should do in each case:
SEUP Asociación de Urgencias Pediátricas to look for certain issues   (in Spanish)
This one was very useful to me once that my baby vomited three whole bottles and he was just two months old. The advice was to go to the emergency room. My pediatrician could see me at that moment and he gave my son a serum and some advice jut in case he would get worst.

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