Saturday, September 10, 2016

Motor milestones for babies

Is my baby developing his motor skills right? Will he roll over, crawl or stand soon? What is he going to be doing in a couple of months?

How fast my baby is thriving! I can’t believe how many things he is able to do right now.
A month ago he couldn’t sit up on the sofa at all and now if I put some cushions on both sides he stands upright for a while very well. And he loves playing with muslin square! I have to be very cautious though, as sometimes he falls.
You can find here the most important motor milestones for babies that the World Health Organization has is their website. As you can see there is a wide period of time where our children can achieve each thing.
motor milestones for babies WHO
In this tables (only in English) we can have more details.
More information in English:

Remember if you are pregnant that you can find here the baby's fetal growth.

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