Sunday, November 6, 2016

Child growth standards from 0 to 5 years

When we go to the paediatrician they normally tell us our child's growth percentile. There are different ways to get those percentiles but the most widespread is based on the WHO (World Health Organization).
This is an example of the kind of charts they have made. These ones are for the children's length or height but you can find the weight and the head circumference, that are very useful too. These two examples go up to two years old, but you can find specific charts up to 5 years old. They also differentiate between boys and girls as their development is not exactly the same.

I took this picture when my baby was three months old. I can't believe how different he is now after just four months. Time goes so fast!
How is my baby thriving?: great!
I have also posted the fetal growth standards here, have a look at it if you are expecting!

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