Thursday, November 10, 2016

Parents that I am meeting on Internet sharing their experience talking to their children in nonnative English

non native bilingual parentingAre you trying to find information about nonnative bilingual parenting? Do you want to talk to your baby or child in English and you want to search for other ones' experience and advice? There are many books, websites and research about bilingual children raised by bilingual couples, but there is not so much about non native people. Parents that have learnt a language as a foreign one that have decided to start speaking to their children in English, Chinese, French...or whatever the language they have chosen.

If you are looking for nonnative bilingual parenting information you can read my blog and check how I am doing it. I am doing my best to write on this blog my own feelings, difficulties, joys, information that I find interesting, books that I buy... You can subscribe to the blog to get the posts as soon as I write them.

You can also have a look at these links that I find very interesting.

These are other families that talk to their children in English. Some of them since they were born and other ones a bit later. I have met them looking for information on the web and I try to read their books and what they write on Facebook or on their blogs as much as possible.

We are a pretty big community of parents interested in speaking in a foreign language to our children. Our children keep our mother tongue as our couple and environment speak it, and we add the foreign one through immersion, as it becomes the language that we use with them all the time.

Diana Sampedro and her book Baby English

She has a daughter who is six years old. She talks to her in English  since she was born although herself and her husband are Spanish. She has published her book in 2016. In it, we can find how she has felt in different moments, what are the problems that may appear when we talk in English to our children and tips to do it a bit better. I bought the book some weeks ago. I haven't finished reading it yet, but so far, it is very interesting.

Alex and his podcasts in Crecereninglés

He posts pieces of advice to raise bilingual babies. He has also some podcasts called aventura bilingüe where we can hear him talking to other parents and expressing their own ideas. He has also something quite interesting: a bilingual map. It is something that has just started but I'm sure that is going to be important to meet other parents and help our kids to have other nonnative bilingual friends!

Alicia in PlaytimeMadrid

She posts lots of activities that run in English for children and take place in Madrid. It is something very useful when you want to meet other parents doing what we are doing and a good moment for our children to interact with each other.

Eva writing on inglésconmihijo    

She writes a blog with songs, articles and printables to help us to speak English to our children more often. She did a great interview to a father called Salva where we can hear her daughter speaking a perfect English when she is only 5 years old.

Minerva from reto bilingüe

Although she is speaking to her son in Spanish, her mother tongue, she is very keen on every kind of bilingualism and makes interviews to different people.

I am looking forward to meet other parents doing the same or something similar.
Thanks to Internet and sharing our experience and knowledge on a blog or on Facebook we can learn from each other and hopefully, start something interesting one day.


  1. Thank you for featured my Youtube channel. We love to share testimonies and experiences in our website It will be a pleasure if you would like to share your testimony. Saludos

    1. All right! Sharing with you my experience starting to raise my child using English without being native sounds great. My son doesn't speak anything at all yet, so I'd like to wait until then. Keep in touch!