martes, 31 de mayo de 2016

Today is the day, or maybe tomorrow...

difficulties parenting a bilingual child
It has been two weeks since I said these words for the first time. 

I had definitely decided to raise my child in English and that was the day to start speaking to him in English. Somedays before I had started
saying a couple of things to him in English, but only when I was alone with him at home. I was still a bit shy to do it in front of my husband. But that day, the three of us were at home and all of a sudden, I felt strong enough to begin. And so I did, I started to say evertthing I wanted to say to my baby in English.

The problem is that this just lasted one day... I don't know why, but these two weeks, I don't use English exclusively. I talk to my baby in English when we are all alone without daddy, and even then, not all the time. What is happening? 

My son is only two months old, that's why I'm not very worried about not doing it properly for now, but at the same time I want to start getting used to doing it correctly from de beginning. 
It's time to reflect on what is happening to me, my feelings, fears... 
I think the very start is difficult for me because:
-My son is just a baby and I know that I still have time to start.
-It is not easy to talk to someone without having an answer.
-I cannot say everything I want because I don't know how to name certain things that we use with babies.
-Sometimes I am very tired as taking care of a child is exhausting.
-I am still worried about making mistakes especially in front of my husband.

I had already imagined that the beginning would imply a huge effort. Maybe analyzing what is happening to me will help me to get over it and I will finally say 'Today is the day' for real.

For now I'm working very hard on learning how to say nice things to babies, what to sing to them and all that specific vocabulary and sentences that native people use with babies and little children. I will write soon what my findings are.

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