martes, 14 de junio de 2016

Learning specific vocab

searching for baby's vocabulary
 I have started to talk to my son a lot in English this last week. I'm singing songs to him and every time I'm alone with him, I only speak to him in English. As I told you before
I don't know why, but I still feel shy doing it in front of my husband or with other people. For now I am not worried, I know I will have confidence to do it soon. Moreover my soon is starting to interact with me. when I am singing, when I smile and laugh or when I touch his face he starts smiling or making sounds too.
Right now he is two months and one week old. Well, in fact, he is four months old... but that's another story that I will write another day.

But let's get to the point, the more I talk to him in English, the more I realize I need to learn new vocabulary. Babies have a whole world of issues and things around them that I have never learned how to say. And when I have some spare time, I am working on learning all this new words that I need.

For now, I search for this specific vocabulary through two different ways:
- I've bought in Amazon the book Mejora tu inglés y haz que tu hijo sea bilingüe by Pilar Vera. It has lots of vocabulary and conversations that native parents have with their children and babies. 
- I look the word up in wordreference to know how to say it in English and  then I google it to read blogs or articles where I can find the real use of it. This is great because, while I learn English I'm learning lots of things about babies.
- I also watch on Youtube some videos of American families who record their daily routines with their kids. This is helping me to improve my English as well, as I can hear how they pronounce lots of words and I am also learning colloquial sentences to use with children. As I said, the videos that I am watching right now are from the USA and I don't know if some of the things I'm learning are only said there, again American vs. British English. Nevertheless, it is a great way to learn. The only negative thing about it is that you have to watch many videos just to get a few words or sentences... and once we have a baby, there is no time! I will write another post soon saying which Youtube channels I like. 

I believe the beginning is going to be a bit hard because there are lots of new things to be learnt and I still need to be more self-confident, but I guess beginnings are never easy!

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  1. Hola. Me encanta tu blog. Al igual que tu tengo dos niños, una niña de 20 meses y un bebé de 4. He leído que ves vídeos de familias americanas. Me podrías recomendar algunos?

    1. Hola Rocío. Pues entonces imagino que estarás liada todo el día con tus hijos como yo :) ¡Ánimo!
      Algunos días saco un ratito o me apetece desconectar un poco y últimamente veo videos de Ellie and Jared (creo que son los que interaccionan más con los peques). También me gustan bastante Daily bumps y This Gathered Nest.