Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I got the book 'Raising a bilingual child' by Barbara Zurer

A Spanish friend, who is raising his two daughters in English as well, recommended me this book: Raising a bilingual child by Barbara Zurer, published by Living Language.

I just got it and I can't wait to start reading it!
This book is speaking directly to me, literally! I have opened it to a random page, I have
started reading... and what a surprise, the author was giving an example of a Spanish woman whose name was Pilar, and my name is Pilar too! What a funny coincidence. 
This book talks about the different ways to raise a bilingual child and encourages you to do it giving you some ideas. I have been told that it is very interesting and we can get many ideas, however we have to be careful when reading it and understand the context of the examples that we will find, since they are centered in the USA and in all their particularities regarding their use of Spanish and English.
Here is the next question? will I have time to read it? I have no idea. For now, I will try to read the chapters that attract me most. Hopefully I will have time to read 5 or 6 pages per day, hopefully...
It may be a good idea to start reading this book when we are waiting for the baby and not when they are already between us. But better late than never!

Here you can find a link to amazon, if you look inside you can see the outline of the book:
raising a bilingual child book

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