jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

Babbling, 6 months old and first unconscious word

My baby is 6 months old and he is very cute and charming. He is thriving very well. I am enjoying very much playing with him and staring at him all the time. It is incredible the intense and beautiful feelings that a child can awake.
I am going to write a quick summary of my son's thriving, although just by watching the video uploaded on YouTube you can easily see that we are still in the beginning of this bilingual experience.
The video has different moments where my son is babbling and playing. Sometimes we are in the kitchen, others in the living room or the car. Although we record videos very often (as good first-time parents) these last two months he hasn’t been speaking a lot. He is in a ‘silent mode’. It has been a long time that I can’t hear him having the super-conversations that he used to have when he was three or four months old. I guess he has moved from the first babbling, that were just instinctive reflexes, to this new babbling that helps him test his vocal cords and his hearing skills. Now it is sure that he can hear himself and that sometimes he shouts or makes sounds because he needs something or feels uncomfortable and he wants to let me know.
Regarding his motor skills:
He sits very well, although he still falls down to the sides; he sometimes rolls over and outstretches to support himself with his arms when he is laying on his tummy; he wants to grab everything and eat it; and he stretches a lot to try to get what he wants.

Regarding his speech and his social skills:
He laughs a lot; he has lots of tickles; he loves to be held and carried; he enjoys very much playing with us; and when he doesn’t want to continue eating or playing with a toy, he closes his mouth or starts moaning.

He is basically super cute.

The other day, my baby was shouting a bit and he said: mama! It was crystal clear. My husband and I were astonished: Have you heard it? Has he said mama? It is sure it wasn’t anything conscious. I asked him to say it again, and he obviously didn’t do it.
However, I am very happy with his first word and I will always be able to say to my husband that the first thing our son said was ‘mama’.

Maybe, when I have more posts on each one of the sections (experience, findings and baby world), it will be interesting to reorganize them. I think I will divide them in different periods ‘from 0 to 6 months’, ‘from 6 to 12 months’… I am not sure at what age I will stop each period. I will decide it on the go, as I don’t know yet when the main changes and milestones will appear. Nevertheless, to end up with this first period ‘from 0 to 6 months’ where we have the reasons, the pregnancy, the beginning, the first questions and feelings, I think that it is great to add this video. Who knows if in the next one he will start saying some words!

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